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By motsatv / Published on Saturday, 21 Apr 2018 00:11 AM / Comments Off on Submissions

We love new music and up and coming artists, but we know that this is not always easy to be seen on the blogosphere. At MOTSA TV, we receive hundreds of emails every day, so we don’t always have the time to answer or consider everybody. As a consequence, we decided to centralize all music submissions via 2 platforms that each present advantages for artists and bloggers alike!

Music submission: be assured you’ll have your music heard and get an answer (whether it’s yes or no), along with receiving constructive feedback!

Music Submission: If you wanna send us a video or a track, please use or

Music Submission: Do you wanna submit a whole EP or LP? Reach us on

This platform enables you to submit your music to a community of taste makers, consisting of music bloggers, A&Rs, radio professionals, festival organizers, and more. Here, you’ll receive even more extensive and personal feedback on your projects, regardless of whether or not it is chosen to be featured!

Once a week, we randomly pick a full EP/LP we received from our inbox, and ask one of our writers to review it! That way, still-emerging artists who have worked hard on their music can get the extended feedback and proper review that any musician deserves. It also means that your project will appear on top of our main page for at least 5 days! Keep in mind though, this may not mean we necessarily love your project. As we wrote it earlier, we randomly select one. Our main goal here is to provide an opportunity to gain some attention!

Why isn’t it free?

At MOTSA TV, we pay our writers. We think that the music business should be fair for everyone and, in the same way we respect the work of all the artists whose music we come across, we believe that the people who write about the music also deserve to be compensated. Don’t get us wrong: by paying 50 cents, you don’t make anyone rich! Nevertheless, this act is symbolic: it proves that the writers are deserving and you give some consideration to their work, just like they are doing with yours.

We’re actually not the only ones starving for music submissions! That’s why you should check out this Ditto Music‘s post: Music Blogs That Want YOUR Music! You’ll find good tips on blogs and other publications who are happy to accept outside submissions.