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#RelationshipFriday: 4 things that made him lose interest after First Date

By motsatv / Published on Friday, 09 Nov 2018 18:49 PM / No Comments / 37 views

All things being equal a first date is expected to to lead to a second more pleasant one. This is usually because both parties tend to put their best foot forward on the first date.

However, not all first dates lead to the second and the reasons include:

1. You show lack of interest in him.

You suppose to be enthusiastic about meeting him and showing interest in everything he has to say and do.

2. You reveal too much information about yourself. Do well to keep him in suspense. You must not beat about the bush neither should you talk loosely. Let there be something that he is looking forward to learn from you.

3. It might sound clinched but you should not have sex on your first date. It makes you become to emotional attached to him. He could see you as being to cheap or needy.

4.Don’t be too clingy. Show that you have a life and not desperate to hook him up.

5. Don’t under dress neither should you overdressed. Show you made an effort in your dressing.

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