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Real Reasons Women Cry During Sex

By motsatv / Published on Friday, 09 Nov 2018 22:22 PM / No Comments / 90 views

Crying can sure seem intense at that very moment of love making as these tears could be signs of it all being too much, though at times, it could be harmless or even good. You might feel surprised, depending on the situation; being overcome with emotions during the act is really normal as any kind of feelings can turn on water works.

Here are some of the likely explanations of tears during copulation as well as ways of handling it the moment you start feeling teary.

Leave it or take it, crying during sex is not unheard of; some ladies choose not to do this because of their partner. It is not as much as they feel uneasy; instead, they feel awkward for their mate as they don’t want their man to feel they are worried.

If you weep during sex, you are probably having real passionate sex which is never a bad thing, especially as humans generally crave for passion.

Ladies need it in their lives and they may end up not feeling satisfied and fulfilled if they never had a bit of passion. Sex being a primal thing, hence the bodies should be allowed to relax to follow their own rhythm.

A lot of ladies shed happy tears while having sex. It is either she is feeling thankful for being safe enough with her spouse to experiment, that is giving herself that right to explore those areas of her sexual life she never thought of before. Also, it could be because she is feeling lots of love for her man at that very moment; whichever the case, do allow yourself that cry.

Role playing involves acting a lot of intense power play between couples to the extent that the flow of tears may signal that you are getting into ‘character’. This can be accepted as very normal if you are emotionally cool, nothing to fret about.

There is the possibility of experiencing pain during intercourse, more especially, if you are into BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) with your spouse. There is the tendency for you to feel pain from a whip or a ball gag since your body might be contorted into positions that are not very comfortable.

Note that there are sexual conditions such as vulvodynia and dyspareunia that can make women to feel pain around their vulvas of vaginal canals. Do stop your guy if you’re in pain and if the pain is just on your vaginal area, then consult your doctor.

Often times, love making can trigger past experience of sexual abuse, especially if you find yourself in a position where your partner physically and emotionally over-powers you and your set boundaries, as some persons view power play as a cathartic for sexually abused survivors.

Once you get to that level where you think that your body is beginning to dissociate from your brain, like having memories of past abuse or you are getting to feel out of control, you have to stop and have a re-think – whether you want to indulge in such sexual activities. If you are not sure of your answer, then see a professional.

Women, most times, feel overwhelmed because there seems to be too much going on at a particular moment, thereby bursting into tears which could be good or bad – depending on their interpretation of the situation. They may feel overwhelmed as a result of pushing themselves over the limits, thus feeling unsafe or nervous. This overwhelming feeling may be by love, pleasure or satisfaction. Hence, it is advisable for you to sort out your emotions.

If you are the type that is not very good at controlling emotions or you bottle things up, you may end up crying during intercourse or it could just be physiological. Remember, you release the cuddle hormone called oxytocin during sex and this could actually be one of the reasons you feel the urge to cry after orgasm. The rush of pleasure could be too much and there is no other outlet for your feelings; it will flow in the form of tears.

Reduce your stress level as this can play a big part in shedding tears when you are supposed to be moaning with pleasure. If you are too uptight, the release you are supposed to feel during sex could come out as tears instead of an orgasm.

Whether stressed or your feelings are just a bit whacky and you seem to be having difficult sorting them out, it will be best to take a break. You don’t have to force yourself to make love if you are having strong emotional reactions that you cannot understand or explain.

Reasons why a number of women cry during sex are largely down to hormones released prior and during the act; just a natural, emotional reaction to the power of copulation.

The positive side to crying is a chance for you to break down some emotional blocks you may have all the while and, if possible, connect with your spouse on a whole new deeper level.

Just the same way some women are aggressive in bed, some are passionate and some are quiet and far less calm than one might expect in the bedroom while others are different; so also, it is natural for some ladies to cry. It’s their bodies at work on how to express the pleasure they are feeling as human and not robots.

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