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Netflix’s Liz Woodburn Talks ‘Made in Mexico’: Nothing ‘Was Off Limits’

By motsatv / Published on Friday, 12 Oct 2018 20:17 PM / No Comments / 22 views

Netflix’s Made in Mexico star Liz Woodburn opened up about her new reality series in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly. The show, which follows nine of Mexico City’s most fabulous socialites, has “everything [you’d] expect from a reality show,” Woodburn told Us. “[There’s] violence, fights, screaming. There’s love [and] hate.”

The New York City native, who moved to Mexico City to be with her fiancé and costar Carlos Giron (the pair are now married) admits that while appearing on the hit show felt “really organic” for the couple, Woodburn did have some hesitations about sharing her life with millions of viewers. “Of course, I did. Of course, I mean for so many reasons,” she explained.”I had never been [on] television before. Being in a reality show is so much exposure. You are opening up yourself to so all these things like negativity but also lots of positivity as well.”

Made in Mexico
Made in Mexico Netflix

She continued: “Everyone’s thoughts are valid whether you love me or you hate me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.I think the most important thing is just remembering who you are, remembering and being confident in who you are and just walking the bad stuff out.”

The blonde beauty went on to say appearing on the show tightened the bond with her love. “We are strong as a couple, trusting each other, trusting our relationship, no matter what anybody says we know what we have and that’s the most important thing. We didn’t really have anything that was off limits. I don’t think we have anything to hide, I don’t have anything to hide, we really are just our lives.”

Adding to the fun, no reality show is complete without a little drama. Of the series’ most explosive moment, the star quipped: “Thanksgiving dinner and I’ll leave it at that.”

Season 1 of Made in Mexico is available on Netflix now.

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