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McDonald’s Gives Collar to Dog Who Pretended to Be a Stray for Burgers

By motsatv / Published on Friday, 09 Nov 2018 23:00 PM / No Comments / 192 views

Princess the dog has taken her true throne as queen of the Golden Arches! The pooch, who rose to internet fame in October after her owner filmed her sneaking out of the house and heading to the local McDonald’s where she pretended to be a stray for food, now has her own collar from the fast-food chain.

McDonald's dog collar
McDonald’s dog collar

The new accessory, which has a built-in GPS so Princess’s owner, Betsy Reyes, can always track her down, is gray and yellow with a McDonald’s “M” on it and has the canine’s name written on it in large letters.

Reyes took to Facebook on Thursday, November 8, to show off her dog’s personalized new item. “McDonald’s literally made Princess a custom made collar with a GPS on it so we know where she’s at all the times. She finna be stuntin on all these other dogs,” the dog mom captioned a photo of the collar. “My dog is the official McDonald’s dog now.”

In Reyes’ initial post, which has been shared more than 303,000 times, she followed her four-legged pet to a McDonald’s near her home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and discovered the clever dog was tricking customers into thinking she was a stray so they would give her food. Reyes, who was able to catch Princess in the act, wrote at the time, “If you see my dog @ the McDonald’s on shields, quit feeding her. She’s not even a stray dog.”

The pet owner went on to call Princess a gold digger, and said the canine heads to the neighborhood fast-food establishment each night “so people will feel bad for her & feed her burgers.”

With a GPS-equipped collar from McDonald’s, Reyes will now be able to keep track of her dog at all times and ensure the pooch isn’t feasting on (too many) Big Macs!

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