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Gotham recap – To Our Deaths and Beyond: Riddled, reborn and reanimated

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This week’s episode of Gotham is all about false promises and a case of mistaken identity. Here’s your recap of season 4, episode 19’s “To Our Deaths and Beyond.”

Barbara stands in the gallery when she is attacked by masked villains. It’s her Sisters of Shadows, who are testing her powers to determine how far her training has come. One of the powers is that she can see the future, but that hasn’t developed yet.

Bruce prowls the streets with Selina, showing off his new wheels. She asks if the car has a covert mode, so he stops and slips into gear. “Show off,” she laughs. They’re on their way to see Tabitha, who needs their help. They meet up with her and she leads them into a building. Bruce wants to know why he’s there, and suddenly they’re attacked. Tabitha explains that Barbara has Ra’s Al Ghul’s power and they need to bring him back. They cut Bruce’s hand and the blood flows onto the husk that once was Ra’s, and suddenly it starts to reanimate. Bruce watches in horror as the body comes alive,

Someone robbed five banks in one night, all at night. Gordon and Bullock suspect someone is trying to make a point, and they suspect it was Riddler. Bullock knows Gordon is going to go ask Lee about it.

Lee and Nygma watch as everyone counts the money. Lee is happy the people are going to be able to buy food, but he’s not happy. He asks what he is to her, and she says he’s her friend and partner. They have to keep to their plan, but she isn’t stringing him along. Penguin walks in with Butch as Nygma says his next plan is a masterpiece. They want in.

Selina is furious that Tabitha didn’t tell her what was going on. Ra’s is awake and he’s upset they brought him back to life. Ra’s says he won’t get the power back unless Barbara gives it back to him, and since he isn’t happy with how she wielded her power he is going to take it from her.

Penguin says that Lee and Riddler owe them. He and Butch helped them rise up the ladder, so they want half the money. Lee doesn’t take kindly to their threats. Riddler applauds Lee, and Penguin thinks Lee is using Riddler for personal gain, knowing how he felt about her. Penguin tells Riddler to skim some of his hauls so he will have money when she tosses him aside.

Barbara is having a drink when Ra’s appears. She’s terrified. He wants to know what she has done with his gift, and she says he never said what to do with it. She says she read the histories he left her. She wants to use the power to rule Gotham City instead of rebuilding the League of Shadows. He asks for her hand to take back the power, but she refuses. He says he was mistaken when he gave her the power. The painting means nothing, and the woman in it was a whore who he killed. He antagonizes her and taunts her, saying she’s nothing. She attacks him, and the assassins come in and fight him, too, but they are overmatched. They run outside but Ra’s follows. Bruce pulls up and Tabitha tells her to get in. They drive off, but Bruce looks worried.

There’s a contest in the Narrows when Gordon arrives. He finds Lee there watching over the games and she notes he looks good despite being shot. Gordon is looking for Nygma, but she says she hasn’t seen him in weeks. He thinks she’s in the Narrows looking for forgiveness, but she’s there because people need help. He notes that the evidence at the crime scenes suggests that Nygma had help, but she denies it.

Barbara is furious at Tabitha while Alfred tends to Bruce’s hand and Selina tells them both to stop. They’re at Wayne Manor, and Barbara wants the special knife so they can kill him again. But Bruce has to do the deed. It was his role. Barbara wonders if holding the hand will unlock her powers. Alfred has a plan.

They arrive at the embassy and Alfred tells the ambassador that they want it back. Tabitha plays the role of Alfred’s girlfriend. They get into an argument and Alfred fakes a heart attack while the alarm goes off and Selina climbs in and takes the knife. Alfred recovers, miraculously, and they leave.

Riddler hears Penguin’s voice in his head. His alter ego pop up and teases him about asking what he means to Lee. His alter ego knows that he was the one who loved Lee, and he’s getting closer to becoming him after all.

The group gathers in the same warehouse where Fish Mooney died, and they argue. Barbara wants the knife, and she demands it at gunpoint. Selina hands it over and they get into Bruce’s car. Selina doesn’t want to go, but she does and they drive off.

Riddler goes to Penguin and tells him he’s right about playing into Lee’s plans. He reveals that their big plan was to rob more banks and Penguin is all about it. The take will be about a hundred million each.

Barbara thinks she will stab Ra’s and it will be over. Selina thinks that’s a terrible idea, given that they have no control over the zombie Ra’s. The only reason she turned her back on Bruce was that she thought there was a better plan, and when Barbara hears this she’s infuriated and sends Selina away. Tabitha agrees with Selina about needing a solid plan. She says she might just be a nightclub owner, but she is with Barbara no matter what. If Barbara is in, Tabitha is in. They get ready to put their plan into action.

Alfred says the bright side is that Bruce won’t have to kill him again. Bruce can’t believe Selina turned on them. She shows up behind them and says that she wanted to see Barbara try to kill Ra’s to save him the pain. She says this isn’t about choosing sides, this is about working together on the same sides to keep everyone from getting killed.

Gordon talks to the head of the bank that has been robbed so many times. The bank has been charged, but never convicted, of crimes. Bullock pulls Gordon aside and says that he knows he’s upset about Lee, but they have to work with this bank manager. She reveals that the money is all in one location.

Riddler and Lee show up at the vault and knock out the guards. Penguin and Butch also show up, and they tell Lee that they’re working together. Riddler points a gun at her head.

Both branches of the League of Shadows show up at the club. Barbara wants Ra’s to admit she’s special before she kills him. He says she is special, and he’s sorry it all came down to this. She plunges the knife into him, and he manages a feeble “ouch” before the fight breaks out. This is part of the plan. The power starts to transfer, but Bruce rushes in as Ra’s plunges the dagger into Barbara’s back. The light ignites and everything shifts. She sees the future, that Ra’s is going to kill her and they fight again. She has mastered the Demon’s Head. Ra’s grabs Tabitha and tells Barbara to choose. She won’t give it up, so he kills Tabitha. Barbara replays the scene and tells him he wins, so when he releases Tabitha she holds up her hand.

Ra’s reappears in all his glory, saying this is not the day he dies. The lights flicker, and he disappears.

Riddler tells Lee he’s done allowing her to take advantage of him. Penguin laughs and says goodbye to Lee. They go inside the vault, and Riddler lights it on fire. Riddler tells Penguin he has no grudge against Penguin, but if he comes between him and Lee he will end him. Later, Riddler confesses he can see that Lee is using him and that he can see something dark in her. She might not be ready for him yet, but he will wait for her. The police arrive, and Riddler says he’ll distract the police, but she volunteers and tells Riddler to go. She trusts him. She kisses him and turns herself into Gordon, who arrests her so he can get away with the money.

Tabitha finds Barbara cleaning the floor in the club. She says Tabitha would have done the same for her. The Sisters of Shadows show up and tell her that she fought, and she is now worthy. They will follow her to their deaths and beyond.

Bruce and Selina look for a solution to their Ra’s problem. She says that if Ra’s wanted him dead he would be dead. He must like him. They’re about to kiss when Ra’s shows up. He agrees that Bruce will become someone very important. He wants to explain why he wants to live. He saw a vision of a major catastrophe, a “cleansing fire” that will wipe out the city, and he’ll use that to mold Bruce into the man he will become.




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