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Black Lightning: Burning questions after the season 1 finale

By motsatv / Published on Sunday, 22 Apr 2018 01:22 AM / No Comments / 540 views

The Black Lightning season finale seemed to leave all the characters in a better place than they started the season. But there are still some issues to work out for season 2.

By the end of Black Lightning season 1 it looked like Jefferson Pierce really had his family back together. He and Lynn had reconciled, more so than just to raise their children, and those children looked like they were coming back together for the family.

And yes, in the final episode of the season Jennifer did actually consciously use her powers for the first time, It seems the combination of saving Jefferson in episode 12, and immediate danger to her family was enough to overcome her fear and uncertainty about what she can do.

Frankly, what surprised me wasn’t that Jennifer willingly used her powers, it was that she seemed to know exactly what they could do, and able to control them completely, without any real practice. I don’t know if that has larger implications for her character and her powers going forward or if it was just the show having her skip some steps to give them the fight sequence they wanted. Either way, it bears watching.

Most of the other characters in Black Lightning did not quite have their endings so neatly wrapped up, which makes sense considering the Pierce family has been at the core of the story this whole season. Even though Tobias Whale was quite influential on the story from the start, I doubt too many people cared what happened to him that much. He wasn’t really important to the story, despite his connection to the death of Jefferson’s father.

Well, that and he was kinda detestable human being. Both Tobias and, later in the season, Martin Proctor ensured that Black Lightning wouldn’t go too far down the path of creating a truly sympathetic villain. You could maybe understand Tobias a bit more, but his hunger for power and willingness to use others ensured no one would be tempted to look at him too closely.

These are some of the questions Black Lightning should clear up in season 2, and (hopefully) some of the featured events.

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